Sunday, October 24, 2010

Current state of mind

Balancing work and studies... How does someone do that??? Lol.. Well I've just got a job as a sales rep selling telco product. It pays well.. Just have to keep selling... Well when I got the job, I felt sad and burdened.. I know you must say why is that??? My presentation is comin and my supervisor told me that the training week is very important and not to miss it.. So I was in a dilemma. Am I going to prioritize on my job or my education.. First thought that sprang to my mind was EDUCATION! But I was selected from 21 applications.. I got it! And this is an opportunity not to be missed.. Sighs.. I was so depressed.. That I literally feel useless...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thanks June. I really appreciate it... :)

This might just be the most beautiful thing that has been ever written to me. It means a lot to me June. 

You are making me miss you and the other so damn bloody much. Miss spending time, sharing jokes,
mamaking at the most inappropriate times and kidding with each other... hugss... Words could not
express how deeply bonded we are.. One thing is for sure, I will never forget our every moment in 
KDU. Hugsss.....

Missing the "Father"

We all hate...

As annoying as you may sound
As fussy as you are
As persistent as you are
As vulgar as you are  *=p
As tough and manly as you are
As debatable as you always will be
As arrogant as you may come off

We still love you because..

Its your annoyance that makes life a whole lot funner
Its your fussiness that makes everything falls into place
Its your persistent that ensures things get done as how you picture it
Its your vulgarity that makes life whole lot funnier and interesting
You can never lie to yourself that there is a soft spot in you
Its because you hold strong to your beliefs and fight for what you believe in
Its that air of arrogance that makes you respectable

Everything that you are that's you, Matthew Ong.

A guy with a heart of compassion, love and care
Who is willing to understand and help with all you can
Whom taught many of us lifes' principle
Strengthen our beliefs and taught us to grow
You speak of wise advise and can never fail to be there when we need encouragement

We just miss you alot <3\


Sunday, August 8, 2010

I miss my friends and family in Malaysia!

Its been 18 days since I left Malaysia for Perth. :) And to tell you the truth, I was very lazy to blog.. So you know I had to like recharge for 18 days before I have the power to update my blog. I know.. I'm very lazy.. :P However, as much as I would like to sit down here to blog right now, I need to go for class... BUT BUT BUT I will come back later after class to blog about my days here in Perth. :)

Love you guys in Malaysia so much! Especially mummy, daddy, sister, melody, CY, june, sarah, edward, joey, chulan, jin swan, marcus, jatta, maya, sabrina, wilson, hannah, siron, sue vern, ailyn, reena, lynette, sui kar, frauline, jojo, ms.anne, andrew, alya, nadhirah, carmen choong, mr.ruly, mr.valen, ms.zee, sheila, ms.anna, sharon, daryl, uncle paul, grandmother, nicole and family, mun mun, teng teng, aunt jasmine, uncle jeff, shehara, sha-lyn, wern ming, michelle amanda, krystle morais and my dog SNOOPY! :)

Will update my blog as soon as I get back from class around 6.30 ya. :) hugssss.... love you guys!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I love you darling..

I love you.
These three words I will always say to you.
No matter how flimsy they may be.
No matter how common it is.
I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Love you love you love you love you darling.. and I always will. :)

For my baby Melody.

The boy with a backpack.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Have a little passion in what you do.

I think most of you will scream your heads off when you know that my visa to Australia is not done yet.
Goodness gracious. Oh my lord. THIS IS CRAZY. Yes. Well before I go insane let me leave a message
here and let you judge the situation.

2 months ago, I've already completed my accommodation, my payment for my fees and booked my flight to further my studies in Murdoch University. Boy was I happy! I even informed all my lecturers and the administration officers that my results need to be fast forwarded.
They all said OK. Shouldn't be a problem. Its do-able. Don't worry. I have only 2 subjects this semester.
Radio and Practical Training. For practical training, I've done everything. My results are ready and my lecturer
is aware of my situation. For radio, 2 weeks ago, I reminded him that I need my results as soon as possible after my concept paper. 1 week later, I reminded him again and blamed myself for being annoying. He said that he is aware of it. OK. You said you are aware of it. So after getting my results for Practical on Monday, I went to my department and ask for my results and letter of completion on Tuesday.

Being so optimistic that my Radio lecturer would have submitted my score, I was disappointed. He has not submitted it yet. So I called the International Student Placement department to tell them about this and got to know that I need my letter of completion from KDU too. I said OK. These things should take only 1 day to finish. So I went to my department and told the admin. She said "I have too many things to handle now, I will prepare for you and collect next MONDAY. I was like, "No, I can't wait till Monday. Can I help you in writing the completion letter?". She said, "Ya sure, anyone can do it. Just email me when you're done". Alright after I hung up I realize that this is stupid. They must have a draft of the letter of completion right? Just change the names and its done. Right? And I don't even know the details that I need to write in there.

So because I don't want to sound so annoying I called my sweet lecturer to send me a draft of the completion letter but then she offered to help me do it. And she did it. It was signed and all prepared. So I sent the admin an email stating what I need and what has been completed. So she replied: Dear Mr.Ong my colleague is preparing the letter for the ADH to sign, but letters can’t be released till all lecturers finished marking.  
Pls call on Monday to confirm if marks are all entered.Regards. I was like you need till next Monday to prepare all that? 

After the conversation with her, I was frantically find for my Radio lecturer's number all over the 

place and I couldn't call the college for his number as it is already after working hours. Fine. I searched all my friends for his number and NONE OF MY FRIENDS HAS IT. Nevermind. Googled his name and got his facebook. Added him and sent him a message on facebook. He did not reply. So after a sleepless night, I went to college in the morning to look for his number. Got it. Called him and told him the situation. He told me you should have told me earlier. I am in Genting now for work. I said I've told you earlier. And Miss Stephanie needs you to submit only my marks by today. He said, I'm sorry there is not other way. You need to wait till tomorrow. What kind of remark is this??! Goodness gracious. At that time, I was pissed to the max.

I've decided to go to my principal's office to purely complain about my disappointment. She's a very logical and composed individual, so that's why I went to her. So I started by saying that I am very troubled by some of the actions that my lecturers take. She showed a worried face and ask "what is it?" So I started by telling her about what my Radio Lecturer did and said the admins expect me to call the lecturer? So she said, no no. I don't think they expect you to call. Then I told her, What am I to do? My flight is on 22nd July and my visa is not done yet and the admin is acting like its not her god damn business. I need my COE to proceed with my visa application. The she told me that when the lecturer gives the results tomorrow, it should be all set right? I said, she told me to collect it on MONDAY which makes it quite impossible for me to proceed with my visa considering my agent's advice that it should take around 2 weeks. So she told me she will call the international department. So I emailed that admin again. Below is the email.

Dear Stephanie,

I have called Mr.Sean Lee, for my results and he says he has the results but just need to tabulate them.
He also said that there is no way of giving me the results today as he is in Genting Highland and therefore
could not give me the results which I have informed him 2 weeks earlier and last week. 

I also would like to say that I am surprised why I had to make the call as I think it is not my responsibility
to call him if he hasn't handed in his part of the work. I know I'm asking a lot from you because it is not 
according to the procedure and I really appreciate it. However, I really hope that you understand my 
situation as the "Confirmation of Enrollment from Murdoch" if not sent by Friday, will delay my visa application.

My flight is on July 22nd. Which means that I have left with only 11 working days for them to process my visa 
application only IF Murdoch sends me my Confirmation of Enrollment on Friday morning. I hope you can understand
my dilemma as a student when everyone tells me that they can't give me this and they can't give me that but the 
deadline is approaching. 

I hope I have not been too annoying to cause any perception that I am a disrespectful student. I respect all my lecturers
and facilitators. I hope you can help me in reaching my dream which is to study in Murdoch in which I have worked hard for. 

Thank you for your time and kindness.

Best Regards,
Matthew Ong

and her reply was epic.

I didn’t and never say you have to call.  I know he’s outstation and hence I said call Fri to check if it’s ready, it not Monday!

but my reply lagi epic

Dear Mr. Ong,

Miss Winnie is preparing the letter for the ADH to sign, but letters can’t be released till all lecturers finished marking.  

Pls call on Monday to confirm if marks are all entered.


I forwarded the email that she sent me telling me to check on MONDAY.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Separation. Is it supposed to be happy or sad?

These few weeks, both of us has been in a dilemma. My darling called me, text me, date me out and cried over the phone. Why? I'm leaving. We are going to go our own ways soon.

Should we be sad? Should we be happy? I don't know. I keep telling her that we should be happy. We are pursuing our dreams. We may be far together, but we're still at the end together. We still love each other and strive to hang on to each other. Others always ask us. What happens now? But we have never felt like giving up. We are strong. 

That is what we should be happy about. However, I can also understand why she is sad. I am sad too. But I'm never good in showing that I'm sad. We will not be seeing each other for a year or two. We will be living separate lives. We can't feel each other anymore. The human touch is lost. I feel the worry here is the fear of being tempted, being cared, being LOVED by someone else when we're abroad. We are or at least I AM afraid, that I would forget the intense emotions that we have. The bond. The love. 

But, is everything going to be so scripted? Can't we write our own fate? I believe we can. I have heard a lot from friends about long distance relationships. "Matthew, its difficult." I know. It is difficult but I will try. LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP IS POSSIBLE. Everything I say now WILL sound like bullshit. I admit. But only time can tell. And time WILL tell. 

But for now, what I know is that I really love this girl. From the start, I have known that she's the one. Why? Because it felt like that. Yes, I have a lot of girlfriends last time. But does it mean that I will not settle down for the rest of my life? If that's the case, every criminal should not be imprisoned. They should be sentenced to death immediately after they are found guilty. But why isn't it that way? It is because of HOPE. It is because everyone has a conscience. Its because people can change. Some may take a week, some may take a week and some may take years. I've been in my prison for 7 years. I know, I've done wrong. I repent. 

After writing this post, I think we should be happy. Separation will test our faith. It will make us think deeply than ever about a relationship. Are we really in love? It will answer a lot of questions that may affect our lives in the future. I am happy. In fact I am glad that I have been chosen by God to undergo this test. It is a blessing. It is a test to clear the water. :)

Putting a smile into my backpack.

Time is short.

I'm leaving for Australia. I'm going to further my studies. I'm going to pursue my dreams. I am sure of it. I know there will be tears shed as I leave Malaysia. I'm going to miss everyone. When I leave for Australia, I'm going to miss my mother, my dad, my sister, my grandmother, my baby and my all my friends.

Leaving with my backpack soon.